Second Thought

Last night when I got the news of the dates for the Battle Royale Competition, I was psyched for it, all out! Beast mode on so to speak. Then this morning, I spoke to two good friends, fellow X45-er and the coach. So it hit me, there are so many other things that need to be considered.Just after a night’s sleep you may say.

First, there’s that expenses during training and for the competition in Brunei. Mind the exchange rate too. Secondly, my activities’ schedule too. Might be putting too much in my plate at a time. Spending a lot of the money but not being able to commit 100% to the training schedule will be a waste of money and time.

I may still go to support the team and treat it as a holiday trip instead though. Remembering the good times that we had last year, the fun, the excitement, it is worth going for. Meeting the friends over there and being a part of the competition is always good. 

group_bruneiA¬†group picture taken with one of GetFit CrossFit’s member at the box

So, let me re-think of this decision based on all these. Second thought is good, at least I am now being more responsible, and not just acting out of whim as I usually do. Well, I sure like to think so. I still feel that fire in me, I still want to compete. But priority first. At this point, acting out of whim is something that I cannot afford to do. There are too many things and people involved from my decisions.

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