Baking Story

When I started my journey in fitness, I stopped baking. All those desserts sure would have been a bump in the journey have I not. But now that I am ready to bake again, at least to try out some healthy recipes, the oven has gone kaput. And the tiny mixer that I have are all rusty too.

However, I did bake something simple this year. Thank goodness that Mom sent back the microwave oven to the family home. So I used it to bake my very first attempt in making home-made protein energy bars. Turned out fine, but could be better with more practice of course.


Economical, healthy and gives me the energy that I need before and after my workout sessions. Thanks to some of the X45 new comers who have been doing this that I just had to try it at least once. But I hope, this is not my last attempt though. They are indeed, yummy!

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