Sleeping Attire

Most women in my part of the world wears big T-shirt to sleep. It’s comfortable. Some wears that two piece pyjamas, or babydoll nightwears. This doesn’t stop us ladies (and men!) from envying and ogling those actresses in movies who wears sexy lingerie sets. There are some that I wouldn’t dream of wearing, but others looks nice and comfortable to sleep in.


A babydoll nightwear. Simple yet sexy at the same time.


I sometimes amuse myself by browsing through at those nightwears being sold in the shop, and also online. The price of most of them are downright ridiculous! The less clothes there is, the more expensive it gets. I remember a while ago, I read friendly banters between some people in someone’s blog comments regarding role-playing. Hmmm… where was it? Ah, I’m sure if you’re in the same circle of blogging friends as me, you’ll know who am I talking about! LOL! That’s where all those naughty looking lingerie comes in handy huh? To spice up those bedroom moments every now and then. Teehee! Just be sure you know your lady pretty well before you give her these sexy stuffs if you two are not married yet though (or the more open relationships, haven’t gone past that ‘stage’ yet). You don’t want to end up getting a slap from her, do you? 😛

40 thoughts on “Sleeping Attire”

  1. My sis in-law likes to give me sexy lingeries and night gown as gift…to *ehem* spark that bedroom moment kunun. But they are now mostly ended up in my underwear drawer cos i am not comfy sleeping with gowns or thin material night wear.

    Camisole and pyjama pant is just comfy enough for me.

  2. This pyjama looks very nice, but not comfortable 🙂 It looks like that your breast could fall out of it during the night…
    I solved the problem with high prices for pyjamas 🙂 I sleep naked. It is the most comfortable way how to sleep. And it is also good for your skin and it is healthy too. Since I sleep naked, I’m lees ill.

  3. wow…nice boobs…lol…I dun like wearing pyjamas, big T-Shirt or any sexy night gown though…short pant & singlet is definitely my style… 😉 Mel, role-playing huh? hehehe…

  4. Wah, the sis in law yang bagi ko sexy lingeries and night wear?? Phewitt… so lucky la you kan, chegu!

  5. I think most male want their future partner wearing these sexy during bed time. don’t women also like wearing it and show your beloved what you got? 🙂

  6. whoa…. how do you know bongkersz does that??? 😉 😉 you really do know things about him that the rest of us doesn’t know about… phewittt! LOL

  7. erk? ganjil juga ko ni chi??? Mau guna Ajinomoto and Adabi??? In the bedroom? 😛 Now that’s something new … a new fetish… LOL

  8. hahhaa mrcoolku? really? It depends on the women for their preference, but if she’s got the body, why not flaunt it eh? 😉

  9. sleeping naked is damn comfortable. human in its natural state. best conservation effort 😛

    ps: drumsticks, how are you sleeping now? 😛

  10. LOL bongkersz… very true indeed …

    ps: yeah, drumsticks.. how are you sleeping now? 😛

  11. haha you think you’ll be able to see Man-D in her sleeping attire? Well, it’s no harm hoping for it eh? LOL gosh, wipe that drool already.. you’re grossing us out LOL

  12. to be honest, men are lazy. they like to go in, shoot and come out fast. then sit on bed, arms over on his chick, with satisfied look on his face, cigg on hand, blowing smoke.. rotflmao!

  13. hahaha you’re one of those men? And you dare to say that you’re good in that sort of games? LOL

  14. ehem, i can’t go far if i am one of those men yeah? well.. what i said, not necessary true 😛 and many times, you can’t do things as you wish because not you are not the only one in the equation, so it’s easier to say than get it done nyahahahahahah! usual, can’t take my words at face value, especially those exaggerated claims. muahahahahahaha!

  15. if the comments here r a sample of wats rocking in this blog..this blog is hot, hot and hot 🙂

    for me i go with ->to be honest, men are lazy. they like to go in, shoot and come out fast. then sit on bed, arms over on his chick, with satisfied look on his face, cigg on hand, blowing smoke.. rotflmao! wat Bongkersz said. most men r like that, i think?

  16. Bongkersz sleeps naked? Eyew! And good grief! If that’s his idea of sex-wham, bang, thank u m’am-pity the partner lah!!! LOL!

  17. a sexy lingerie not only spice up the bedroom but your blog as well melbie…haha…

    btw, yes my SIL was the one putting more on the effort. Hahaha…

  18. hahaha exaggerated claims? That’s the thing with this stuff, you’re not the only one in the equation, more the reason to see if you can perform or you’ll be one of those men you described earlier LOL … if you can’t… oh well, go to any clinic, I’m sure the doctors will be just glad to help you out hahhahaa

  19. hahaha Bengbeng … thanks to bongkersz… everywhere he goes, the “room” will be hot hot hot … now if only he wasn’t such a disappointment LOL … WHAT? Most men r like that?? Good gracious… what’s wrong with the men today? LOL Too much porn? 😛

  20. Did I say I sleep naked? LOL I was only agreeing to what bongkersz said what .. he’s the one that sleep naked hihihihihi

  21. That’s what I thought too, suituapui… poor partner of his! Hahaha but Bengbeng also agreed that most men are like that?? Seriously?

  22. hahahha yes, it’s hot in here now 😉

    why does your SIL puts more effort than you do?? 😛 She bought all those expensive lingeries for you, yet you left it in the drawers LOL

  23. Yes, it looks nice and I agree with you that it’s not comfortable 😀

    Go for nakedness in bed! LOL comfortable, cheaper (still need the blanket to keep warm) and I’m sure it’ll keep the men happy 😉

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