Life of A Martial Artist

Some train to fight in competitions, while some do it for the sake of passion, a martial artist. 

The art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is addictive. Learning to leave your ego outside the mat, for there is always some new moves to learn, there will always be someone better than you. Your patience improves, and learn to think and act quickly to escape or to submit. 

Time to roll soon. 

Ideas Drought

This place has been lacking entries. Ideas drought hits me hard; be it for my personal space here or where work is concerned. Routine surrounds me – and feeling under the weather with tons of medication contributed to the brain’s ability to put sentences together to create an entry. Not even a short one. 

I see things as a straight one way road. Everything is straight forward. Mundane. My last vacation was 3 months ago. A diving holiday; but still was not a total break from work as it was indeed at the resort of which I work for. It was fun nevertheless, despite the familiar surroundings, familiar faces. However, it did not spark any ideas for me to write about. 

I suppose I need a total, true break from my daily routine. The travel itch is asking to be scratched. I need ideas, especially for work. Well ideas there, I just could not put my words together. A serious case of a writer’s block. Gah! 

The Majestic Mt. Kinabalu Roared

Yesterday, Sabah was shaken by a 6.0 magnitude earth quake centred in Ranau at around 0715 hours. It was felt at most districts in Sabah as it struck at the depth of 10km as recorded by European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre . 

 I just woke up and was still in bed when it happened. Living in Penampang in a kampung house, first thought that crossed my mind was who the heck jumping around in the house to cause the house to shake as it was. But as it grew stronger, realising it was an earth quake, made me jumped out of the bed right away! Seeing the whole wall of warddrobe shook, it was definitely a quake. Whatsapp groups became active soon after with everybody asking if it was a quake. 

Not long after, the news of the climbers at Mount Kinabalu reached us. The video of how the Donkey’s ear was crumbling down with people running, got us all sick in the stomach. Some friends told me they teared watching it. 

The people of Sabah linked the earth quake with the recent incident of foreigners who posed butt naked at Mt. Kinabalu on 31st May. This action upsets the locals as it desecrated Mt. Kinabalu which is revered as sacred by the people of Sabah. An act that showed disrespect to the spirit of Aki Nabalu. This is the beliefs of our ancestors. 
Personally, quoting what I said to friends initially, my logic on this matter is based on scientific knowledge. However, as the loved ones around me keep saying how we should not take the ancient belief and ritual lightly, I was reminded of the stories told by the elder generation. These memories convinced me that respecting our anchestral beliefs and rituals makes who we are, and it is better to show respect over it even though we no longer practice the rituals anymore. “Take the words of the elderly, they have their reasons of saying so!” That was what my grandma used to say to us and followed by the tales that entertained us during school breaks years ago. My take on this, the blood that runs in my veins should remind me that some things are best adhered to and to be taken seriously. I had my fair share of experiences to believe that some things are real. Cultures, religions and science can go hand in hand to live in this world harmoniously. 

Today, the aftermath can still be felt. We are getting news of tremors happening in every few hours. And so, maybe the Mt. Kinabalu roared for the sacredness was defiled. Could be that the geographical structures shifted and we get closer to the Ring of Fire. Respecting the people and nature surrounding us would be a better choice. 


A sad day for Sabah. Thoughts and prayers to those who perished at Mt. Kinabalu, and deepest condolences to those who lost their loved ones. A huge thank you to our mountain guides that risked their lives to bring those stranded to safety. You are our heroes. Kotohuadan! 


Have you ever wondered what was the inspiration for that favorite songs of yours?  How a melody was created so beautifully? 

A saxophonist would spend endless hours in perfecting the melody being composed, needing to have spares of bari sax reeds to ensure his or her moments of creativity wouldn’t be disrupted.

A beautiful melody usually comes from a moment so intense or just a spur of moments kind of thing. Whatever it is,  we are blessed to have music in our lives. It calm a raging storm in us and it also pump you up when you need that little push in life. 

Nothing Comes Free

Life is how you make it, and everything comes with a price. A deeper understanding over this subject was learnt this past week. A random new acquaintance apologised for his lack of formal education; and then said the following over beer :

Nothing comes free in this world. Everything comes with a price. If you think something is free, that’s when you’d be in trouble..

Looking at the situation he was talking about, I could not help but agree with him. Thinking of what he said and applying it in life in general, it is something worth pondering upon every now and then. 

You want to be a successful business person? You have to put in money, time, energy and so forth. You want to be good in a sport and compete but you still need to work to pay your living? You have to spend a lot of time in training, sacrificing a lot of other things that you enjoy; those glorious, artery clogging food, those hours of luxurious sleep. And oh, plenty of cash to buy the supplements that you need to keep going. 

How about in relationship? It requires a lot of understanding, patience and plenty of other things to make it work, to make it last. 

Your actions also comes with a price, the result or consequences from it. That’s just the few basic situation in life to help us see how this lesson applies. 

Yes, everything comes with a price, nothing comes free. The price does not necessarily comes in terms of monetary, but also as time, sacrifices, sweat and maybe even blood. 

What matters in the end is the question, is it worth it? Make it count.