Hunger Pang

Need. Real. Food. Pronto.

There is nothing filling good enough to eat at LCCT. Hungry and there’s one more hour of waiting before our next flight. Been looking for the lowest price outlets around here, but there just isn’t anything decent.

When you have a metabolism like mine, who needs constant feeding… travelling like this is just an inconveniece.


Transit Mode

3 hours of waiting for the connecting flight to Kathmandu. Not so bad but still a pain. LCCT is full with people, and with their “cost saving” policy.. it’s just damn hot everywhere. Not many seats around making it more uncomfortable for passengers before boarding their respective flights.

Oh well.. part of the journey. People watching to pass the time.

The Vacation Begins

This post is being composed as my mobile phone is set on “flight mode”. On the way to my vacation destination,  baby! Kathmandu here I come..

Before the Internet became so affordably accessible, cheap postcards was one of the easy ways to let your loved ones back at home to know of your holidays. I used to collect postcards from my penpals, and now, it’s hardly being sent out anymore.

Maybe this time,  for old times’ sake .. I’ll look for some..

MIMMA 2 Tryout – Sabah

MIMMA or Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts in full is having their ongoing tryouts for season 2. And today marks the first day of the tryout in Kota Kinabalu Sabah! It’s going to be today and tomorrow, 23rd March 2014.

Having friends are have been training and preparing themselves for this, they are all now in 1Borneo. Unfortunately for me, I have to work today as I will be leaving for my long-awaited holiday this coming Monday.


The Finale

One of the chapters of my life is about to be closed soon. Closed but I’m not sure if it can be forgotten. Lesson learnt. The finale is almost near. Just as how a song composer would use finale software from musicians friend for his song, I would use whatever that I have in me to try and make things good for myself and where necessary.

Whatever need to be done, will need to be done. But as a chapter closes, a new one begins. Such is life. Everything else goes on, time will not wait for you alone.