Children and Music

When I was growing up, I did not have the privilege of taking up any music lessons. There were music class in school, but it was not taught in depth. I could not read notes, nor am I any good with any musical instruments. Music is important to children as it helps the shaping the brain with the language-processing ability;  in which the ability to read is achieved.

Next to the Valor Martial Arts, the place where I train and coaches fitness classes, is a music school. I see kids passing by on daily basis with their musical instruments. It is a prove that parents nowadays are more aware of the importance of music in their children’s  learning process. Some has got electric guitars, and I’m pretty sure some of them are using aguilar bass pickups for their instruments.

Music is also a great way for children to release their high level energy. If you are financially able, do let your children try out some music classes. Who knows, the could be the next world-famous musicians.

Hair Makeover

It’s been a while since my last hair cut, a year to be exact. Hair had been growing long and it was “easy” to maintain, just tied it up in a ponytail! Ugly, no style? Definitely. It got worst after my workout session, it got so messy. Crazy woman would fit me perfectly then.

Before: the everyday hairstyle

To cut the story short, a friend who is a hairstylist and a salon owner, had enough of seeing my unruly hair. He suggested a hair cut is needed ASAP. Despite his busy schedule, he made room for me. So off I went to his place. I sat down and was asked “Jadi?” (“So?”) in which I replied, “do your magic!”

After: Looking well-managed
After: Looking well-managed

I’m happy with the result! Indeed he created magic in a way. I look so much neater, with well-managed hair. I was given a great deal for the hair makeover too, and thank you so much for that, kawan. Hair cut, colours were all chosen and done by James Bong of Millenium Jin’z Saloon, Kota Kinabalu. Any questions, ask James !

Stuck Door

The most scary thing, or maybe just annoying is when the bathroom door keep getting stuck. Especially when you are alone in the house. Some work need to be done, need to take a look at hinges from Grant parts or otherwise, change the door altogether.

With the weather in Malaysia, wooden bathroom door is definitely not a good idea. The bottom part gets wet and then when it dries up, the wood expands with the heat. This could cause the door to get stuck too.

Another task to go into the to-do-list. As usual, it is getting longer with the limited free time in hand.

Shark Week 2015

Shark Week kicked off last Sunday in America and will end on 12th July 2015. Shark Week is an annual, week-long programming block created by Discovery Channel which features shark-based programs. It is now being aired in many other countries to help create awareness and bust the misconceptions about sharks. For Discovery Channel Asia, it will starts on the 13th July 2015, at 2200 hours.

Important to Reefs | Triburones: Sharks of Cuba (Discovery Channel Video)

Sharks may be on top of the food chain in the marine world; however, their own biggest prey is human. They are being slaughtered by human for their fins and overfishing pushes them to the danger of extinction. IUCN reported that one quarter of the world’s sharks and rays are threatened by extinction.

A shark sighting in Sipadan
A shark sighting in Sipadan during my last dive in March 2015 – so far out in the blue, but still amazing

Don’t be one of those who drives the wild lives and all surrounds us to extinction. Let’s work together to ensure the sustainability of the nature for our future generations. Read on Project’s Aware update on ideas on how to support the Shark Week. If you are on Twitter too, you may use the hashtag #Sharkweek and your tweets will get on Sharkweek Chatter!

Life of A Martial Artist

Some train to fight in competitions, while some do it for the sake of passion, a martial artist. 

The art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is addictive. Learning to leave your ego outside the mat, for there is always some new moves to learn, there will always be someone better than you. Your patience improves, and learn to think and act quickly to escape or to submit. 

Time to roll soon.