What do you do when boredom hits you during you free time? Those that plays musical instruments would say they will play some music and sing to entertain themselves. Or heads over to musiansfriends and feast their eyes upon all the accessories for the guitar for instance.

But what if you are bored with your work? If it is not something that you would imagine as your life-long career, now what? It is not an easy question to answer if you have mountain of debts to clear still. Financial stability versus doing something that you love, something that you have been dreaming of in your adult life.

However, alternatives and risks assessment still need to be done as there are so many uncertainty at this moment. Best be prepared rather than be surprised with no backup plans. But first, let the music rolls.


Principles – a code of conduct, a moral value or belief that helps a person to know what is right and wrong which will influence the action of the person.

I may be lacking with a lot of things in this world, practically nothing that I can leave behind should my time come. So, principles are what I value most. I will argue for something that I believe in, I will agree with those that share the same beliefs and disagree with those that is wrong. That is the smaller picture of how my everyday life is.

It does not matter if we share the same blood line, if you are wrong, you are wrong. The same goes with my friends. Just because you are supposedly a good friend of mine, do not expect me to support your illogical, self-centred, self ego-boosting ideas when the hard facts says otherwise. Do not think that I am blinded with some rose-coloured lens because of my “personal” feelings towards another person, that I become so stupid to blindly agree with that person in question. Your assumption is yours alone, it is your own arrogance and stupidity that gets you to that place, in which I refused to be a part of. The number of years you know a person is not how you measure the value of a friendship, in which you believe how YOU deserved my loyalty more. Loyalty and respect are to be earned. It was given to you before, but when your true colours are showing, we do know when the loyalty and respect were misplaced.

It is a matter of principles. It is what makes a person ethical. It is what counts the most. And now, the bigger pictures. I have lived by my principles all these years, I am not about to lose that now. This time, hopefully, it will bring that change we have been hoping for.

Under The Christmas Tree

It is now about two months away from Christmas. Are you one of those who gets Christmas shopping done during the last minute or those that prepares months before to find that nice, perfect gifts to put under the Christmas tree for your loved ones?

Christmas is a time where families and friends get together, that is the best gift of all – love. However, who does not love getting presents? It helps to bring the spark of happiness in the eyes of your loved ones, giving a flashback of moments in future whenever you uses or sees gift that you got, a fond memory perhaps. What should we get for the most important person in our lives, mothers. Maybe this year around, it is time to buy mothers rings for a change from those cute little handbags and purses. Have a short message of love engraved onto the ring, it will be a nice way to let mothers know that you love them always.

Time to make that list for those gift of love. Best to plan early and not only make the thought counts, but the gift itself too.

The Dresses Must Haves

Close friends seems to choose this year to tie the knots, and the invitation card for the recent one that I attended contained a special request, for me to wear a dress to their wedding reception! I have sidetracked her twice while attending two other friends’ reception before, therefore this time I felt compelled to honour her request. From the look when she saw me, I’m guessing she’s happy and I am pleased if she was. Nothing beats the feeling of giving a gift of happiness to a dear friend. As odd as it was.

p/s on card

The special request

After a quick check into my closet, I realised that it is time for the long overdue closet overhaul. It literally screams for me to get the dresses to fit occasions as all I see now are oversized t-shirts and training apparels. Fashion comes and goes. Style, lasts forever. Stick to these simple rule but be adventurous. Dressing up should be fun. If you find it a bore, then perhaps you need a closet overhaul too. Go with these 3 cuts all girls must have and you’re covered. Next comes shoes.

Every woman should always have at least one Little Black Dress or LBD in their closet. LBD is an important piece as it can be worn to various occasions. All you have to do is glam it up with fancy jewelleries for a dinner party or spice it up with a bold necklace for a night out with the ladies and you are set to go. Black is timeless, goes with anything and  you would never be off trend. LBD is the easy choice to slip on and sophisticated at the same time.


Black suits everyone

Shift dresses : from am to pm (or later). Versatile for the busy ladies who prefer the simplicity of putting on a comfortable dress without sacrificing chic. Goes from pretty pastels to bright colours, or dark if you’re not a fan of the lighter tones. Pull a cardigan over a shift dress and a slim belt, you’re presentable and chic for the office.

As the sun sets and work is done, a statement necklace will do the trick to bring your look for drinks with friends. Or maybe, that after work dinner date.


Nothing makes a lady feel sexier than a bodycon dress. Wear it up or down, the dress itself is a statement on its own. The word sassy doesn’t justify a bodycon as it can also be a little black dress (or black bodycon) with a naughty side to it. Pair it up with a cute ballerina for the day and if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, a dark green heels.


Personally, I love online shopping as everything is just a click away, any time, anywhere. If you want to to get these 3 awesome types of dresses, check out ZALORA as it offers an extensive selection from many local and international brands online.