Back from the White Screen of Death!

My blog is back! The last update I did gave me a white screen of death and I was stumped as to how to fix it. I forgot what version it was, will refresh memory later. Was so caught up with work that I did not have the time to explore the possibility.

Logged in today and saw the update for version 4.5.3; thought that I got nothing to lose so I hit the “Update now” button. Voila! Just glad to be back.

Speaker Cables

Being in Kota Kinabalu, we have limited resources for most things and this includes the accessories for your musical needs. It is great that almost everyone is able to purchase goods online, as long as you have a credit card or a debit card with VISA/Mastercard capabilities. It is going to be a bit costly, but when we better options or things that we can’t find being sold in the local stores, that is the way to get hold of it.

Some music studios might need a 12 gauge cable and speaker cables are not something that we have aplenty of here. Ex-stock is rare too. Thankfully some of the online stores ships internationally. If you need something bad enough, you definitely will find a way to get it into your possession, one way or another.

Happy Weekend!

The Call for The Geek’s Life

About 20 years ago, Computer Studies were the IN thing. It was said that Information Technology is going to be the next big thing career-wise. I was one of those who were pushed by the parents to take up the course for the very reason.

Fast forward to today’s world, everything is computerised. So yeah, I was in the right track back then. Unfortunately, I did not pursue the career after graduating because there were just not enough market for IT graduates in Kota Kinabalu. Being me, I did not exactly excel in my studies either – just being my lazy ass as I always have.

Four years ago, I was finally hired because of my knowledge in IT and the vast experience in administration/secretarial works. However, I am still way outdated with everything. Came 2015, everything intensified. I have been wanting to brush up the programming skills, which I have not get around to until today.

My kind of geek’s life – keyboard is still the way..

Had a few discussions with my good friend, Kay, about this matter over the years and how it might be the answer for my much dreamed about work flexibility. Again, we had the same discussion over coffee yesterday afternoon. I supposed it’s about time for me to put my foot down and really get to it. To be able to work from any where, any time without being tied down to an employer AND office hours. That is how we earn a living in this era. Freelance job opportunities.

The call for a geek’s life is strong…. and thankfully, everything is now just a click away with how the Internet have evolved over the last 20 years. Now, let’s put up some effort for better time management and … most importantly, self-discipline.

Wedding Receptions

I think last year was the year where I attended wedding receptions the most. It shows, that yeah, I’m getting older. I just hope that with age, comes wisdom too.

The most enjoyable was of course, my cousin’s, Awil, wedding reception. We get to travel to Menumbok as that’s where he is and the reception was held. It was of course, a family and friends reunion too. Awil and now wife, did all the preparation themselves mostly. It would be great if we could’ve gotten the table linens from custom wedding linen rentals for the occasion, but our aunt came to the rescue. With a box full of table linen, I headed out to Menumbok earlier than the rest of my family with my friends.

Left KK early in the morning on Christmas Eve, because we were to head over to Labuan for a night. So close, why not right? A night of drinking session, and then we were back to Menumbok on Christmas Day. Awil is as usual, the best host. He booked the whole guest house for the family from KK, but only my friends and I stayed at a room there. Well taken care of.

Being a Muslim’s wedding reception, it was really happening compared to the others that I attended before. He really did know how to host a good party! Food was great, so was the company.

A group picture for the album with the groom & bride
A group picture for the album with the groom & bride

That’s the clan! Not even half of us in the picture too. Even Mom was not in the picture because she is still away in the UK. I’m guessing that there will be more wedding receptions to attend this year. Or maybe babies’ full moon parties. When there is food, it’s all good.

Bali Trip 2015/2016

Back from such a long hiatus.

Having two jobs definitely gives me no room of being bored with nothing to do. Always on the move, or sleeping hence that took away much needed free time to get “inspired” to blog.

A quick summary of 2015. It was a roller coaster year for me, especially in terms of health and financially. It was started with being hospitalised twice in the first half of the year, and then came another blow that my knee was busted badly with a fall sometime in the early Quarter 4.  Financially, yeah, I suppose it was not a good year for most people in this region anyway.

However, Lady Luck still smiled at me. I got my much needed getaway from my generous cousin. We went to Bali to end the year 2015 and to welcome Year 2016. A diving trip at that, so thank you dearest cousin Mimi. Hopefully someday I’ll get to return the favour.

We landed at Ngurah Rai International Airport at 21:40 hours, took that bus to be transferred to the main building and boy, what a nice surprise. It is now the upgraded, much bigger airport! There were only a handful of us at the Immigration counter for Asia countries, so it was a quick exit.

Short Queue at Ngurah Rai
The pleasantly short queue upon arrival

First thing that I noticed at the waiting area for the ride to arrive was …. tourists with big bottles of Bintang beer in their hands! Awesomeness and oh yeah … hausssssssssssssss terus! But my first thirst quencher was “Teh Botol” instead when we stopped at a roadside eatery place for supper. Upon reaching the toll booth, I noticed the lighted highway. So that was what I saw upon landing. Indeed, Bali changed since the last time I was there in 2010. Took us about 2.5 hours to get to Matahari Tulamben Resort, Dive and Spa so we arrived really late, at 10 minutes to 0100 hours.

Still tired from the journey the night before, Mimi decided to go for sight seeing instead of diving. Nearest town is about 45 minutes away from Tulamben! So we got ourselves the city tour for the day.

Tirtagangga Water Palace
At Tirtagangga Water Palace, Karangasem

I got to eat Babi Guling and it was seriously tasty. Yeah, wish came true! (Yes, that’s why I got fat again, I love to eat. With no workout due to the injured knee, fatball is here!) It was so much better than the one I had before, and cleaner eatery too. A joy to my tastebuds! To me, the highlight of any vacations, the most I look forward to is always the food and drink.

Crispy pork skin, flavourful meat and soup
Crispy pork skin, flavourful meat and soup

Fast forward to diving, it was a first experience of shore dive for me. Rocky beach put me in a very nervous state. One wrong step and I could aggravate the injured knee and ruin the whole trip. The waves did not make things easier for me either. But thankfully, all is good. Favourite sites would be the Suci Place and of course, the Liberty Wreck. Too bad visibility was really bad, maybe just about 5 metres or so.

Sunken Buddha at Suci Place, Tulamben.
Sunken Buddha at Suci Place, Tulamben

We told ourselves that for a change, we wouldn’t be asleep as we did the previous years to welcome the new year. Well, I did managed to stay awake while Mimi fell asleep. Different place, same story. But, the difference being, she was woken up with the loud bang of fireworks at midnight. In a way, her wish came true too!

Our trip ended with a night in Kuta before heading home. Of course, no Bali trip is complete without chilling with Bintang Beer. I was so pleased that we found a place with draught beer.

Bintang Beer
A must drink in Bali – Bintang Beer

Cheers to 2016! May this year will be bring the best in every aspect of our lives! To better health, great financial and beautiful moments!

Dreams May Become Reality…