The Musical Sound of Raindrops

The monsoon season is here. One minute it was scorching hot, next minute it was raining heavily accompanied with the earthshaking thunders. Personally, I love the rain, as long as I am indoor. The sounds of the rain hitting the roof, the musical sound it creates are soothing – a kind of white noise that lulls you to sleep.

For the artistic, musical people – it is the best time to tap into that creativity. Pick up that acoustic guitar and sing with your friends. Have fun indoor as the rain pours. If you are in need of new strings, acoustic guitar ratings could help you decide on your next purchase. Back in the school days, camp fire was the peak of a camping trip. Music is always the soul of group activities.

We need rainy days as well as sunny days. We need the rain to have that colourful rainbow in sight. Sing your trouble away, let the wind blows your worries away. It is all in how you look at things, depending on your perspective.

Coffee And Desserts

A friend once said, food is our true love – they literally “die” for us. True. Two things that never fail as a pick me up mood – coffee and desserts. The heavenly aroma of coffee and the sweetness of a dessert.

Starbucks WOW
Words from Starbucks. Spot on!

Be thankful of the simplest thing and happiness will be yours. Life is not complicated, it’s us human who makes it complicated. The choice is yours. Live simply and be happy. Each of us are given a life to live – ours to show appreciation to the higher being. The life that you breath, is indeed a gift from above. Do not let others take it away from you. It is meant for you, and you alone. You may share your life, but please, do not give it away for others to run.

The Rare Night Out

Night outs in entertainment joints have been a thing in a past for years. Occasionally, I would join my closest friends or cousins, just to catch up with each other. I did that one rare night out and joined my cousins at this one recently opened pub/karaoke called “The Voice Out Cafe”. There is a stage there for those who dare to sing Karaoke to everyone to see, aptly name I’d say as most of the patrons that comes by are friends of the owners that have great singing voice to start with anyway. They have local artists as the patrons too. Might be a good idea if they can get a Moog M 32  for their sound system.

Sandwiched between cousins, thanks for the treat!

A great place to chill with friends and families that love singing their lungs out. Drinks are reasonably priced, finger food are being sold close by so you can get the waiters to order them for you. Check them out at HS Commercial Centre, Penampang if you are in a mood for a beer or two, while being entertained by talented patrons.

Traditional Game: Ting Ting

Back from a long hiatus from blogging.

Had the opportunity to go for a familiarisation trip on behalf of the company I work for, giving me knowledge-filled short weekend getaway. Haven’t have the time to blog about it, or when I do, brain just freezes itself stupid. Will blog about the experience someday soon, but for now, I just have to share this traditional game that we came across at one of the stops.


I don’t know what its real name is, but we called it “Ting Ting” back in my childhood days. Who remembers how to play this?

Children and Music

When I was growing up, I did not have the privilege of taking up any music lessons. There were music class in school, but it was not taught in depth. I could not read notes, nor am I any good with any musical instruments. Music is important to children as it helps the shaping the brain with the language-processing ability;  in which the ability to read is achieved.

Next to the Valor Martial Arts, the place where I train and coaches fitness classes, is a music school. I see kids passing by on daily basis with their musical instruments. It is a prove that parents nowadays are more aware of the importance of music in their children’s  learning process. Some has got electric guitars, and I’m pretty sure some of them are using aguilar bass pickups for their instruments.

Music is also a great way for children to release their high level energy. If you are financially able, do let your children try out some music classes. Who knows, the could be the next world-famous musicians.