Shopping Time

Christmas, the jolly holiday with music, sweet smell of cinnamon fills the air and pretty decorations in the neighborhood and the malls. It’s the time of the year that brings out the generosity in us. Time to give and time to receive, too. Giving our loved ones some presents as part of the traditional Christmas. So, what have you got in mind?

For those who are into musical instruments, you can get some hot deals online. There’s plenty of sales ongoing starting from the Black Friday onwards. Everything with a click of the mouse. Some would prefer to go to the malls and touch and tries on everything. Plenty of ways to shop for Christmas presents nowadays, almost no boundaries for things that you might want to fill the socks with.

Whatever rocks your boat, happy shopping! Just don’t go overboard with the shopping :)

It’s Not Rocket Science…’s just Rocket, the newly adopted Shih Tzu!


It’s been a while since I have any pet to look after, until Rocket came along. He was dragging his feet/bum to move around, because of the disability with his hind legs. The pet shop where he was from gave him away for adoption because no one would want to buy a disabled dog, so, I took him in. He is named Rocket by my best friend, because we hope that Rocket will run as fast as a rocket soon.

He is now able to run, so I hope that with frequent walking and running around, his defective hind legs will improve. He was all dirty in the picture because he was having so much fun playing around outdoor. Despite his disability, he is still a playful one, just like any other Shih Tzu.

Welcome to my home, Rocket.

Feels Like Christmas …

December, and yes, Christmas is just around the corner. Have you got your Christmas decorations up? It’s about the only thing that will make it feels like Christmas here in our part of the world. No snow to make the snowman, but hey, there’s that decorations that we can use to keep up with the spirit of Christmas!

However, ornaments nowadays can be pretty expensive. Might as well get those personalized ornaments if you have the means. Why not, it’s a once a year kind of celebration when we all can be merry! On the other hand, it is a good time for DIY projects too.

Above all that, do remember, Christmas is not about the decorations, not the presents, but it’s about remembering the birth of Christ : the goodwill among all, peace on earth :) Have a joyful, blessed Christmas.


The point in your life where you are experiencing the incessant hiccups; damn heartbreaking!

Longing to do what you love, watching your friends doing it and surrounded by the sound of them encouraging, urging each other to go on.

I miss my trainings. Seriously.


Hiccups in life… Forcing a person to re-evaluate priorities. A harsh reminder that we can’t have everything.